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Houston Texans Now Hold Fourth and Sixth Overall Draft Picks

Thank you Cleveland. Please keep losing.

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

While your Houston Texans didn’t have a chance to better their fortunes yesterday, either in the winning or tanking column, the Cleveland Browns did it for them.

By allowing the New England Patriots rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe to throw for 309 yards, two touchdowns and no picks for a whopping 118.4 quarterback rating, the Browns increased the value of their draft picks in 2023.

The key beneficiary to that is none other than the H-Town Battle Red Boys.

The Las Vegas Raiders, Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers are all currently sitting ahead of Houston’s fourth overall pick. The Browns pick, received in the trade for [NAME REDACTED 2.0] is currently valued at sixth overall.

Speaking of [NAME REDACTED 2.0] according to ESPN’s James Trotter, another lawsuit was filed against the former Texan last week.

Houston Texans 2023 Draft Picks

WalterFootball currently has Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Bryce Young, fresh off a patented BOB loss to the Tennessee Volunteers, going in the fourth slot to the Detroit Lions. They’re sending Ohio State wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba to the Texans at six (which makes absolutely no sense) and Clemson EDGE Myles Murphy with the eighth overall. has Houston with the fourth and fifth overall picks, mocking DL Jalen Carter from Georgia and Murphy from Clemson to the Texans. Young and Ohio State QB CJ Stroud are off the board in the top three picks, per Tankathon’s latest mock.

ProFootballNetwork dropped a new mock yesterday, where they predict the Texans will pick first overall. And, instead of taking a quarterback to replace the not-looking-so-good Davis Mills, they have Houston going all in on the best player available:


1) Houston Texans: Will Anderson Jr., EDGE, Alabama

The best player in their respective draft class hardly goes No. 1 anymore. That’s not the case this season, as the Houston Texans are still projected to pick first and have a bevy of needs. Davis Mills has been — at times — a capable starter this season, and Will Anderson Jr. radically transforms the Texans’ defense as a whole.

Continuity on offense is key as the jury is still out on Mills at quarterback, whereas an influx in talent with your pass-rushing unit can pay immediate dividends. Grabbing Anderson allows the Texans’ defense to fly to the football, not have to rely on coverage as much, and gives them hope for the long-term future of their defense. It’s a win-win.

Oh, and the 2024 NFL Draft class is expected to be stacked with quarterbacks, so we can always move to QB next year.

The Sporting News has the Texans taking a quarterback, but not until the second first rounder:

6. Houston Texans

Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson (6-5, 300 pounds)

Lovie Smith needs more pop for his defensive front, especially against the run. Bresee has become a well-rounded explosive player in his own right on the same front as Murphy. The Texans can use their second first-rounder for a QB to replace Davis Mills.

8. Houston Texans (from Browns)

Will Levis, QB, Kentucky (6-3, 232 pounds)

The Texans have started to see the big-armed Davis Mills getting exposed in year two as defenses around the league are understanding his release and decision-making limitations. Levis gets the ball out quickly and is confident in spreading the ball around. The Penn State transfer has done enough leading the Wildcats to stay in first-round consideration.

CBS Sports has the Texans taking C.J. Stroud with the top overall while With The First Pick has Bryce Young hearing his name called by Nick Caserio with the top selection.

While a lot of mockers are laser focused on Houston taking a quarterback of the future, Stroud and Young aren’t necessarily locks to become Pro Bowl field generals.

Maybe the Texans should go BPA and take Myles Murphy. Having a legit threat on the defensive line will not only put terror in opposing offenses, it will make the lives of this year’s first round pick Derek Stingley Jr. and second rounder Jalen Pitre’s easier.

If the Texans could roll with Tankathon’s picks, a solid defensive tackle to plug up the middle and a giant among men defensive end would be transformative for this team.

Houston Texans 2023 Free Agency

Then, the Texans could look to a trade or free agency to fill the quarterback role until the 2024 draft.

While there’s a slim chance it would happen, both Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady are currently scheduled to hit the open market in the off-season.

Others on the pending free agent list include Jimmy Garoppolo, Baker Mayfield and Andy Dalton.

Of all those, Garoppolo is the proper combination of actually attainable and desirable.

Additionally, Caserio could take a flyer on another later round quarterback the way he did with Davis Mills. Rich Gannon, Brady, Matt Hasselback, Mark Rypien, Joe Theismann, Bart Starr and Roger Stuabach were all later round picks.

Granted, it’s all far too early to really speculate on what will happen next spring. There’s still a lot of football to play. Davis Mills could suddenly have that moment where it all clicks and he catches fire - just look at Gannon’s career - it happens.

For now, let’s all just keeping praying for the Cleveland Browns to lose, lose again and lose some more...