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Countdown to Kickoff: Los Angeles Chargers at Houston Texans

C’mon in, make yourself comfortable as we all wait for the latest Texans tilt.

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Good morning guys, gals, and non-binary pals, this is your Houston Texans week 4 kickoff alarm call. Later today, the Texans will square off against the Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego. The last game I ever got to see in Houston was last year’s Chargers/Texans game with former head honcho of Battle Red Blog, the illustrious Tim. A great, and thoroughly confused, time was had by all as we watched the Texans inexplicably boat race the Charger 41-29.

Somehow, based on the offensive firepower we’ve seen so far this season, if offered an over/under on number of points the Texans will score in the game at 41, I’m taking the way way under.

Tale of the Tape:

Houston Texans - Lost 23-20 to the Chicago Bears to avoid overtime.

Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego - Lost 38-10 to the suddenly bitey Jacksonville Jaguars.

Speaking of over/unders, if you still want to get a bet in, here are the final odds going into the game, from DraftKings:

And, of course, my no-fail, can’t miss picks*.

*They totally can fail, do not bet money based on my picks. For I am stupid and make bad decisions.