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A Guide to Creating the Best Texans Homegating Experience

How you can enjoy “homegating”.

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If you have the opportunity to make it to your favorite football team’s game in person, you should not pass that up because it is an amazing experience. The atmosphere at and NFL game is incredible. You are surrounded by other football crazed fans like yourself, and experiencing a win in person is something you will never forget.

A lot of people enjoy “homegating” instead of actually going to the game in person. Homegating is basically the same thing as tailgating, but in the comfort of your own home. When homegating, you have the opportunity to do whatever you want and however you want to do it.

Since Halloween is coming up and will take place on a Monday this year, football will be on that night as well. There are many different ways to have a fun homegating party. There are also many things to consider, such as various food options, drinks and costumes for the party.

Battle Red Blog has you covered.


It wouldn’t be considered football without some sort of “football food,” such as chicken wings, burgers, pizza and a ton of snacks. Some snacks may be chips, dip or even various type of candy since it is Halloween. My favorite candies have to be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats and Jolly Ranchers, but you really cannot go wrong with candy.


When having a party, you need an abundance of drinks because everyone likes different things. It wouldn’t be football without having some assortment of alcohol along with the basics, like different types of soda and iced tea for the people that do not enjoy alcohol. If you are watching the Houston Texans, alcohol may be a good option.


The beauty of having a homegating experience is the fact that you can invite whoever you want, whether that is friends, family or both, and you can have as many people over as you want. Is is all up to you and how you want the evening to go. I will personally be spending that time with both my friends and family.


Since it will be Halloween soon, you will likely be having a party or will be going to one. It takes a lot of time and preparation to find the perfect Halloween costume. Since football will be on the night of Halloween, it may be a good idea to go dressed as your favorite NFL players or have a cool football theme to whatever costume you choose.


It is always fun to have some sort of activity planned to keep things fun. Since it is football season, it may be fun to have a football game with your friends and family. Cornhole is also a good idea and one that can get very addicting. I will personally be playing football and cornhole with my friends. Some people prefer to just enjoy football from the couch and that is always a very viable option. There will also likely be Halloween music playing in the background.

If you have never tried to “homegate” before, it is a unique and fun way to enjoy football with a large group of your friends and family. There is no specific way the day needs to go, it is all up to you and how you want to spend your day.

Every football fan would love to go to NFL games every week but that is not possible for most people. Homegating is a way to enjoy yourself every weekend and create a similar experience to an NFL tailgate.

There are endless possibilities for food, drinks, activities and costumes. Let us know how you would spend your day to make the most of your personal homegating experience.