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Dameon Pierce Joins Top Five Houston Texans Running Backs

Rookie running back already in great company.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

No Houston Texans fan should ever forget Lamar Miller’s electrifying 97-yard touchdown romp. It was even better that Miller smoked the entire Tennessee Titans defense to do it.

Kenny Vacarro is still trying to catch Miller...

No one should forget Justin Forsett’s 81-yarder either. Especially due to the YAC nature of it.

The Detroit Lions of all teams, having had Barry Sanders for his entire career, should always know a running back isn’t down ‘til the whistle blows.

Now, the officiating on Forsett’s play may or may not be questionable, but the TD stood and the play is forever in the plus category for Texans fans.

But, there’s no questioning yesterday’s run by Dameon Pierce. The rookie wasted no time in offering another rush every Texans fan should add to their all-time favorite runs library.

When you think of greatest running backs in Texans history, you have to, absolutely have to, remember Arian Foster. The undrafted free agent climbed the mountain, raced down the other side, blew past countless defenders along the way to 6,472 yards, 54 touchdowns and more highlight reel plays than anyone can remember at one time.

Oddly enough, Foster is now fourth on the list of longest rushes in Houston Texans history. His 74-yard burst against the Oakland Las Vegas Raiders was one of the most exciting plays in Texans lore at the time. And it remained as king of longest runs hill until Forsett beat it two years later. If you slap the asterisk on Forsett’s run, then Foster’s stood for eight years until Miller flew past it.

And now, 12 years later, a rook edges it out by a single yard.

Dameon Pierce Joins Top Five Houston Texans Running Backs

For a rookie running back to catapult himself into the conversation that includes Lamar Miller, Justin Forsett and Arian Foster in only his fourth game is something special.

Sure, quarterback Davis Mills seems to have fallen into regression ravine, the coaching staff didn’t have many answers for offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton’s old team, and the Texans are now the only winless team in the NFL.

But, Pierce provides hope for the future along with a highlight reel play that will likely endure for years to come.