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Houston Texans Hit All-New Rock Bottom, Lose 17-10 vs. Titans

In a game that sent football back a full century, your Houston Texans show a pathetic effort against the BE-SFs, losing 17-10.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans
Derrick Henry did as he pleased against a pathetic Houston Texans defense.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In the time it took you to click the link to read this post, Derrick Henry rushed three (3) times for 34 yards.

Malik Willis and Davis Mills combined for a whopping 207 yards through the air, but it didn’t matter as the Texans dropped a laugher to the BE-SFs 17-10.

The Texans, who have proven to be allergic to stopping the run, managed to give up 314 yards on just 45 attempts, or 7.0 y/c. Derrick Henry continues to feast on the Texans as he put up 219 yards on 32 carries, averaging 6.8 yards/tote.

Only a week after his “best” game of the season, which the Texans still lost 38-20, Davis Mills was simply atrocious yet again in 2022. As the Texans fall to 1-5-1, it has become exceptionally clear that replacing Mills as the starting QB is the highest off-season priority for the Texans.

After all, the BE-SFs came into the game in the middle of the Defensive DVOA pack, so it’s not like we were playing the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. The BE-SFs stacked the box and dared Mills to beat them, and Mills folded like Superman on laundry day. Under Mills in 2022, the Texans are averaging a pathetic 16.6 points/game, and you cannot blame the rush defense for that.

The best part of today’s game? With all the rushes, it only lasted under three (3) hours, so that was nice.

The Texans have a quick turn-around this week as they face the scorching hot Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night. That game should work out just fine. No worries. Everything is great.