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Houston Texans Should Forfeit the Rest of the 2022 NFL Season

If they’re going to play like they did yesterday...

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Davis Mills is not the future of the Houston Texans.

After watching a few NCAA football games on Saturday, then the Arizona Cardinals vs the Minnesota Vikings yesterday prior to the Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans matchup, it was glaringly obvious Davis Mills is the answer to a question no one should ask.

When you buy a new computer, 2 things determine its value: how much information it can store and how fast it can process that information to achieve your goals.

Applying that overlay to the various collegiate quarterbacks, and then Kyler Murray and Kirk Cousins, you can see it clearly on display. Both Cousins and Murray read, react and execute at an NFL level. They process stored information at an accelerated rate allowing them to have success at the highest level of football. While neither are the 2nd coming of Joe Montana, both are capable of leading their team to victory week in and week out. They both make mistakes, misread defenses and sometimes just plain throw suck passes. But, the game is never too fast for them. These 2 QBs are the definition of what every team needs: a quarterback who has enough stored knowledge and mental processing power to lead their team to victory.

The stark contrast from watching those 2 field generals, neither of which is a lock to ever be a Super Bowl MVP, to Houston’s Davis Mills is shocking. And, not in a good way.

For the sake of familiar comparison, Mills is far closer to Tom Savage than he is to Cousins or Murray. And, if Cousins and Murray are simply average level NFL quarterbacks, and Savage is off running a car dealership or whatever ex-NFL backups do when they retire early, what does that say about the rest of the 2022 Houston Texans season?

At the snap of the ball, Mills appeared, more often than not, to operate in slow motion. The BESF defense moved at the speed of NFL domination, while Mills appeared entirely overwhelmed.

This game was the perfect opportunity for Mills to finally step up and show the world he was an NFL quarterback. A decisive victory against this hated rival, even if Lovie Smith pulled the goalie in the 4th quarter again, would have been assurance Caserio drafted the right guy.

However, we got this:

Mills processing a play as it develops

Instead of seizing the day, Mills ended yesterday’s utter embarrassment 17 of 29, for only 152 yards, a 5.2 yard per pass average and a QBR of 7.1... And, more than half of those passing yards came on the very last drive of the game, when the Not-The-Oilers were already celebrating an easy victory.

Houston Texans Should Trade Davis Mills

With the NFL trade deadline coming on Wednesday, and all the rumors that Brandin Cooks is likely gone from H-Town, this won’t get better.

In fact, maybe it’s time Nick Caserio cashes out on his 3rd round experiment from the 2021 NFL Draft. Ship Mills off to hold a clipboard in New England or Cleveland or some other place that will give the Texans a 7th rounder for him. Then, either bring in another quarterback and let him take the rest of the season to see if he can get this offense working, or double down on taking a quarterback high in the 2023 draft along with at least one higher level QB free agent.

Now, this loss wasn’t all on Mills, many members of the Houston defense seemed almost afraid to engage Derrick Henry, letting him rack up 219 yards on 32 carries, while the Texans offensive line completely forgot how to run block for Dameon Pierce.

However, having a deer-in-the-headlights under center when facing a team that’s not even in the Super Bowl conversation assures more embarrassing loses to come.

Time to pull the plug.