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Houston Texans Hit All-New Rock Bottom, Lose 24-16 to Giants

The Houston Texans continue to play embarrassing football while getting closer to the #1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

NFL: Houston Texans at New York Giants
Davis Mills again does what he does best: avoids scoring points.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you didn’t watch this game, you might look at the final score and Davis Mills’ stats and think to yourself, “hey, the Houston Texans didn’t play so badly after all!”

The Texans, however, did play horrible football. All day. Don’t let the stats or score tell you otherwise. The best win probability the Texans could muster, which happened early in the 1st quarter, was a pathetic 35.1%. Otherwise, the Giants owned the game from start to finish with the Texans playing from far behind all game.

But, you say, Davis Mills put up a 22-37 319 1 TD/1 INT stat line. It looks like he had a great game! Well, aside from the unforced sacks and poor accuracy, Mills ... still looked awful. The vast majority of the yards were on throws less than 5 yards downfield as the receivers racked up YAC all game. See that Jordan Akins 46-yard pass? Almost all YAC. Once again, Mills proved incapable and unable to push the ball downfield against the 25th ranked defense by DDVOA.

Most of all, the Texans managed just a paltry 16 points on the day including a lone touchdown. The Texans are averaging only 16.6 points/game on the season, which harkens back to those halcyon offensive days of Brian Hoyer and Brock Osweiler.

The best news on the day? The Texans, as of this writing, now have a 1.5 game lead for that precious first overall pick on draft day. This team still needs to improve a ton to suck, but there is hope.

Just eight more games to go!