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Dameon Pierce: Houston Texans Only Hope

Losing is no fun, but at least H-Town has a beast.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The bright spots in the 2022 Houston Texans season have been very few and very far between. However, many of those spots have come when rookie running back Dameon Pierce has the ball.

While quarterback Davis Mills has shown he’s a career backup, at least in OC Pep Hamilton’s offense, Pierce has torn through opposing defenses week after week.

And, along the way, he’s given notice he might quickly land in the shadow of all-time Texans great Arian Foster, if not ultimately surpass him.

Just how bad has the Houston running attack been over the team’s 20 years? Well, bad enough that Dameon Pierce is already a top 15 tailback in team history. That’s right, in just nine games Pierce has climbed all the way to 13th most productive back in Texans history.

Ironically, Pierce is one, maybe two games shy of surpassing David Johnson, the player most famously remember as the replacement for DeAndre Hopkins.

And, he still has eight games to go.

Pierce is currently fifth in the NFL in rushing yards, with 772. That averages to just under 86 yards per game.

Play that math forward and Pierce projects to end the season with 1,462 yards. That’s 38 more yards than Arian Foster’s Texans season record.

While it’s obvious this season is a lost cause, Pierce is definitely a ray of hope for the Houston Texans future.