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Texans vs. Commanders: How to watch, game time, TV schedule, streaming and more

If you want to watch Houston Texans football, we can help with that!

Houston Texans v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

This week will make the third straight NFC East team the Houston Texans have faced in a row. Sunday, the Texans take on the Washington Commanders and try to improve their draft stock even further (oh, and go Bills on Sunday too for the exact same reason).

I’m going to make this short because y’all aren’t here to read my ramblings, however eloquent and perspicacious they are; y’all are here to find out if you need to make travel plans to watch the Texans on TV.

So who am I to stand in the way? Here’s the big board brought to you by 506 Sports.


Red: Detroit Lions at New York Giants (Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen)
Blue: Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons (Joe Davis, Daryl Johnston)
Green: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints (Kenny Albert, Jonathan Vilma)
Orange: Washington Commanders at Houston Texans (Chris Myers, Robert Smith)
Light Blue: Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens (Kevin Kugler, Mark Sanchez)
Yellow: Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos (LATE) (Adam Amin, Mark Schlereth)

There is apparently a very large Giants or Lions contingent in the greater Austin area, because other than southern Oklahoma and west Texas, Austin is the only area that isn’t getting the Texans game. Very weird. Congress should investigate or something.

Here are the options for your viewing/listening pleasure on Sunday:

What: Washington Commanders at Houston Texans

Where: NRG Stadium, Houston, TX.

When: Sunday, November 19, 12:05 CST

TV: FOX (Chris Myers, Robert Smith)

Radio: KILT Sports Radio 610 AM

Live Stream: Paramount Plus

Follow On: CBS Sports App

Game Odds (per DraftKings Sportsbook)

Oh. The Texans are underdogs again. Who would have thought that?

[Ed. Note: Sarcasm font isn’t available on posts, so, um, this is sarcasm.]

Enjoy the game, y’all. Go Texans.