The Fastest Minute in NFL Football Week #11


Speaking of the Cowboys-1, they vexed the Vikings, 40-3. The Saints-3 beat the Rams, 27–20. The suddenly good Lions-3 won their third in a row over the Giants, 31-18. The Commanders-3 won again over the Texans, 23-10. The Patriots-3 won a defensive battle with the Jets, with a last-minute punt return for a TD, 10-3. All four AFC East teams are in the hunt for the playoffs. The Bills-8 bruised the Browns in neutral Detroit, 31–23. The Eagles-6.5 did not cover against the Colts, 17–16. But a win’s a win. The Ravens-12 needed a fumble recovery and a one-yard Lamar Jackson run to top the Panthers 13–3. The Raiders+2.5 hand Wilson’s Broncos another loss in OT, 22–16. The Bengals-4.5 beat the Steelers, 37-30. On Sunday Night Football, the Chiefs-6.5 barely got by the banged-up Chargers, 30-27. On MNF from Mexico, The 49ers-8 dealt the Cards a severe blow, 38-10.