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Houston Texans Still Hold First Overall 2023 Draft Pick

The NFL Draft can’t get here fast enough ...

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2022 NFL Draft - Red Carpet Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The only good thing to come from the current Houston Texans trajectory is a laser focus on gaining the first overall draft pick in next April’s NFL Draft. Currently sitting at 1-8-1, the Texans are two games ahead of the pack vying for the second pick. This group includes the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh Steelers.

So, you can confidently say your Houston Texans are the best of the worst...

Houston Texans Still Hold #1 Overall 2023 Draft Pick

Better still, the Cleveland Browns would pick at seven, but traded that selection to the Texans. Which means Houston currently holds the first and seventh overall picks.

As had been stated, ad nauseam, Texans general manager Nick Caserio will have his pick of top quarterback prospects Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud. And, current H-Town quarterback Davis Mills has proven he’s the answer to the question no one should ask.

Several of the popular mock drafts have updated their take on the talent selection process, with a variety of opinions on what and why the Texans will do what they’ll do.

Houston Texans First Overall Draft Pick

Round 1 - Pick 1

Bryce Young QB. ALABAMA • JR • 6’0” / 194 LBS

Bryce Young might be historically undersized by successful NFL QB standards, but we don’t care. He’s been that good for Alabama, dragging that team to victory just about every week. And he’s doing it with none of the playmakers who made life so much easier for Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones in previous years.

1. Houston Texans: QB Bryce Young, Alabama

“An undersized, athletic gamer who possesses a lasso for an arm and is the consummate team leader. Has experienced the biggest stages that college football has to offer; uber-competitive and ultra-poised.”

The Draft Network

1. Houston Texans

C.J. Stroud QB, Ohio State

The Texans’ rebuilding effort is seemingly not going to take any significant steps forward for the rest of the season. And while there are plenty of needs across the roster, the team has a lot of draft capital yet again—leaving them capable of drafting for the QB position here at the top of this NFL mock draft. Of all the quarterbacks, C.J. Stroud has the best mix of attributes, physical traits, and production—he’s the most direct projection to the NFL. And because of that, he’s the choice for the Texans here.


Young has a decision to make in the coming weeks with Alabama out of the College Football Playoff race this season. After this weekend’s Iron Bowl, Young will either begin the pre-draft process as a first-round lock in 2023 or he’ll focus on bowl prep with the Crimson Tide. He’s not going to win his second straight Heisman, but Young’s poise from the pocket this season and numbers were impressive nonetheless. His spectacular scramble drill scoring toss earlier this season during a win over Mississippi State is something you can’t coach and makes Young a hot commodity among other signal callers.


Big board rank: 1

Stats to know through Week 11

• 90.0 PFF grade

• 90.1 passing grade

• 8.2 yards per pass attempt

“Bryce Young to the Houston Texans just feels correct. It feels like the culture-changer at the position that they need.” — Mike Renner

Houston Texans Draft Alabama Quarterback Bryce Young

It certainly seems that Bryce Young is nearly a lock to be the Texans first pick, barring anything foreseen between now and 6 months from today (and yes, a LOT will happen in that time). And, based on Davis Mills’ performance this season so far, if Caserio doesn’t take Young the boo birds will be out in force.

The real story in all this, however, is just what head coach will benefit the most from this pick? If Lovie Smith is still in place by the 2023 NFL Draft, taking the Texans seriously likely won’t happen for most, if not all, of those still watching.