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Houston Texans Still Hold #1 NFL Draft Pick

Cling tenaciously to that splinter of hope.

Auburn v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As of this writing, your Houston Texans are #1 in the NFL. The NFL draft order that is. All the other ways they’re number one are attached to bad things, and obscene gestures right about now.

With that first draft pick comes the hope of landing a franchise altering quarterback. At this point, that QB is likely Alabama Crimson Tide signal caller Bryce Young.

But, let’s dig into the subtext. Young is currently under the tutelage of former destroyer of all things Houston, Bill O’Brien. If you’re Bryce Young, and his agent, you would be foolish not to mine the chin dimple for as much insight as possible on the Houston Texans.

And, that insight is likely not positive coming from the guy who ran a once proud sports franchise into the sub-strata. In fact, if O’Brien is still O’Brien, he’s likely putting a bug in Young’s ear to stay in Alabama for another year.

While there’s no guarantee Young will light the NFL world on fire, there’s never a guarantee any rookie quarterback will. For every Peyton Manning, there’s a Ryan Leaf, a Brock Osweiler, a JaMarcus Russell...

Houston Texans Still Hold #1 NFL Draft Pick

But, there's enough writing on the wall to think that if O’Brien and Houston general manager Nick Caserio are still on good terms that Ol’ Nick might have the inside scoop on how NFL ready Young is, or is not.

Now, maybe Caserio has something else up his sleeve, some sort of Hail Mary like signing Tom Brady for one year, or trading the first overall pick for Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins or a similar starting caliber QB. But chances are he’s likely to pull a QB out of the draft hat when April 2023 rolls around.

But will Young declare for the draft, or sit in Alabama and collect an NIL paycheck while hoping the 2024 draft might send him to a better franchise?

Houston Texans Hold #10 NFL Draft Pick

On the other 1st round pick angle, the Texans currently hold the 10th pick, gained in the trade with Cleveland for former Texans top pick Deshaun Watson.

This weekend marks Watson’s return to the NFL gridiron for the first time since the debacle in Houston began. What’s at stake for the Texans? Getting embarrassed by the player who quit on the team, the franchise, and the city of Houston, to say nothing of the disgusting legal allegations.

If When Houston loses to the Cleveland Browns this weekend, the 10th pick will slide further away, possibly landing as low as 15th. Should the Kyle Allen led Texans somehow manage to pull off a victory, by some total miracle, The #1 pick will not budge, as the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks picks are all informed by three win teams, with the Texans only having two should the beat the Browns.

If the Browns lose, the Texans #10 pick could possibly climb higher into the top 10.

At this point, if there ever was a must win game on the Texans 2022 Schedule, this one is it.