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Week 15 Opening Odds for Chiefs at Texans

Here we go again.

NFL: Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

So that happened. Let’s forget about that for now. Let’s move on to the last non-AFC South team on the Houston Texans schedule who just so happens to be playing at home next Sunday.

That’s fun right?! Right? Anyway, surely we won’t have to deal with such a juggernaut team as the Dallas Cowboys whose margin of victory, four whopping points, would place them on the Texans schedule as the second-lowest margin of victory ahead of only the Chicago Bears who beat the Texans by three. I don’t know if the Texans could handle another team with so much firepower that it took the last drive of the game for the Cowboys to eke out a win.

What’s that? We...we play the Kansas City Chiefs next? Great. A team that’s actually good. Surely that can’t end in the same kind of pain as the Cowboys game did, right? Of course not; because the Texans had a shot to win against the Cowboys, who, lest we forget, an entire generation of children have been born, grown up, went to college and are now legally allowed to drink since the last Super Bowl they won.

Against the Chiefs, who are a headache for really good teams, I can’t say I like the Texans chances.

Speaking of chances, let’s see how much of an underdog DraftKings Sportsbook says the Texans are going to be against the Chiefs next week?

The Texans are only 14-point dogs this week, which is refreshing and, in an odd way, kind of encouraging. After all, the Cowboys only won by four points and they were favored by two touchdowns and a field goal and only won by four points. Personally, I’d be pretty embarrassed as a Cowboys fan to come so close to losing to literally the worst team in football; but I guess I embarrass more easily than others.

The one true bright side is I’ll be in Houston for the game and I’ll get to watch them get annihilated at home in person. That’ll be fun!

Favored: Kansas City Chiefs (-14)
Underdog: Houston Texans (+14)

Over/Under: 47.5

Money Line: Kansas City Chiefs (-850)
Money Line: Houston Texans (+600)

Please bet responsibly; and for Texans fans that means don’t take the money line. Ever.

Kickoff is Sunday, December 18th at 12:05 p.m. CST