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Texans vs. Chiefs: How to watch, game time, TV schedule, streaming and more

Want to watch the Texans game on Sunday? Us too! Here’s how.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

So here we are again, consulting the big board to find out if the 1-11-1 Houston Texans will be shown on home TV in my (your) neighborhood. Personally, I kind of hope they don’t because being 1-11-1 is kinda cool in a terrible way that I hope never to have to see again next to the Texans’ logo.

But then I’d have no use for the tickets I’ve acquired and will be using at the game. Yes, believe it or not, people still go to Texans games. They still go and have a good time, usually with alcohol to make the [kitten]-kicking just a little easier to tolerate.

Anyway, I don’t like our odds against the Chiefs. Because they’re the Chiefs and they maul teams that have even okay-to-middling defenses. Against ours...hooo boy.

But that’s a worry for another day. Right now, here’s the big board, brought to you by 506 Sports.

CBS Early Games:

Red: Detroit Lions at New York Jets (Ian Eagle, Charles Davis)
Blue: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans (Kevin Harlan, Trent Green)
Green: Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers (Greg Gumbel, Adam Archuleta)

Wouldn’t you know it? The one game that I’d actually be able to watch from my home in Seattle, I’ll be in Houston for. Hah! Go figure. Anyway, if you live in the western half of the United States, you will probably get to watch this game at home. Whether you do or not is up to your own conscience.

Here are the options for your viewing/listening pleasure on Sunday:

What: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

Where: NRG Stadium, Houston, TX.

When: Sunday, December 18, 12:05 p.m. CST

TV: CBS (Kevin Harlan, Trent Green)

Radio: KILT Sports Radio 610 AM

Game Odds (per DraftKings Sportsbook)