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Week 17 Opening Odds: Jaguars at Texans

Now entering the Thunderdome...

NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of my fellow compatriots are becoming concerned with this sudden leap into mediocrity the Houston Texans have made in the last few weeks. I can understand their concern. For most of this season we Texans fans have been pretty confident in the team’s ability to find ways to lose games. But now that the Texans had two close calls against the Dallas Cowpies and the Kansas City Chiefs and an honest-to-Durga win against the BESFs, fans are growing nervous about losing a guaranteed Bryce Young pick and sliding possibly out of the top four draft picks.

To which I say, hold the line. Yes, it would be the most Texans thing ever for them to win even one of the next two games and lose out on the top draft pick. Yes, it would be the most Texans thing ever to wind up at four with Will Levis or something equally unpalatable (compared to Bryce Young).

Texans fans and writers alike are growing nervous about the Texans’ ability to suck. But you know who isn’t nervous about them? Oddsmakers.

They believe, as you should, steadfast reader, that the Texans are more than capable of losing to a Jags team that looks someone-sold-their-soul-so-the-Jags-can-win-the-division-and-get-bounced-in-the-first-round good. Besides, the Jags have something to play for, still, and we do not. And while they might already have spoiled the BESFs’ meager playoff hopes, the Jags could actually prove to be a problem this week.

So here are this week’s opening odds brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook:

See? Does that make you feel better? Even at home, the Jags are still a four point favorite over your Houston Texans. Whether that line goes up or down [insert meme joke here] remains to be seen. I remain optimistic that the Texans can live down to their expectations and you should too. In fact it’s pretty much the only thing about this team that I can be optimistic about.

Favored: Jacksonville Jaguars (-4)
Underdog: Houston Texans (+4)

Over/Under: 43.5

Moneyline: Jacksonville Jaguars (-195)
Moneyline: Houston Texans (+165)