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Former Oilers Standout Robert Lyles Needs Help

Robert Lyles had a heart transplant in October, and he could still use some help.

Oilers V Bills
Robert Lyles getting ready to punish some guy named Jim Kelly.

When it comes to former Houston Oilers, Battle Red Blog will always take care of our own. Robert Lyles, who sported the Oilers blue and red for 82 games, has had a rough go of late.

Earlier this year, Lyles was hospitalized and is in need of a heart transplant. He received a new heart, but he is still deeply in debt after what is clearly a very expensive surgery.

Lyles was a fifth round pick out of TCU in 1974, and we went on to play for eight years in the NFL. He was also responsible for one of my all-time favorite fumble returns in 1986:

Look at how he out-runs the criminally underrated James Brooks for the touchdown! Look at that elite running technique!

The good news is that Lyles is back home, but he is still $30,000 short on his GoFundMe page. As is the norm with these sorts of things, any little thing counts. For those of us old enough to remember Robert Lyles along with his teammates like Ray Childress and William Fuller, those were the teams setting the table for the eventual juggernauts that would dominate the NFL for the next couple of years (until the playoffs, at least).

Join me in pitching in to help, won’t you?