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Texans vs Browns: How to watch, game time, TV schedule, streaming and more

C’mon and watch the Texans game with us. It’ll be hilarious.

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I don’t know what happened at the end of this throw but I know I don’t like it.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had this game circled on our schedules the day the Deshaun Watson trade finally went down. I’m sure we all have our own reasons for it, whether it’s to give the ultimate quitter in football the welcome he so rightfully deserves, or to take part in a mass uniform conflagration outside the stadium, or you’re like me, and you live in the hope that somehow a cartoon-esque series of events conspires to put Watson in some kind of stocks-like device and I’m in perfect position to huck Raisinettes at him as long as he remains stuck there.

We have our own versions of happiness, and that’s okay.

Speaking of things that bring happiness, I’m being ironic here, let’s talk about the Houston Texans’ next game against the Cleveland Browns and...uh...crap, I’ve forgotten his name again.

Here is the big board for Sunday’s early CBS games, brought to you by 506 Sports.

Here’s the breakdown:

Red: New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings (Ian Eagle, Charles Davis)
Blue: Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens (Kevin Harlan, Trent Green)
Green: Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons (Andrew Catalon, James Lofton)
Yellow: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans (Spero Dedes, Jay Feely)

I’ll be honest, I’m surprised we’re not at least getting the C-team announcers for this one, What’s-His-Face against his former team who he quit on and is a quitter and a whiner and is a [YEAH THAT’S GETTING EDITED].

So there you have it, unless you’re in Ohio, east Texas, and, for reasons that elude me, a strip of territory in west Texas, you will be watching the Jets and Vikings; a game that Texans everywhere have been clamoring for.

Here are the options for your viewing/listening pleasure on Sunday:

What: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans

Where: NRG Stadium, Houston, TX.

When: Sunday, December 4, 12:05 CST

TV: CBS (Spero Dedes, Jay Feely)

Radio: KILT Sports Radio 610 AM

Live Stream: Paramount Plus

Follow On: CBS Sports App

Game Odds (per DraftKings Sportsbook)

The Browns opened as a full touchdown favorite against the Texans and going into Sunday, they’ve only expanded that spread.

I’ll be honest, with Kyle Allen under center, the old logic of taking the Texans with the points is no longer as much of an automatic (as much as it ever was automatic) that the Texans will play them close. Until Kyle Allen or the team in general gives us a reason to think otherwise, my general recommendation is to always take the other team with the points and take the under.

And as always: NEVER EVER TAKE THE TEXANS ON THE MONEYLINE! That way leads only to sorrow.

Enjoy the game, y’all.

Go Texans.