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Houston Texans Officially Eliminated From NFL Playoff Contention

Coming as a shock to absolutely no one.

Houston Texans Fans SetNumber: X74521 TK1

We all knew it was coming. No one should be surprised by this. In fact, the only real shock is that it took this long.

Houston Texans Officially Eliminated From NFL Playoff Contention

About a dozen fan bases are convinced their team is Super Bowl bound. Another dozen or so are hoping for a few lucky breaks to get their team into the post-season. And a handful left are either fooling themselves or convinced the end is near.

None of that applies to Houston Texans fans, however. That’s right, the Texans organization, always looking for ways to better the lives of their fans, has officially removed any worry, stress or other concerns regarding the 2022 NFL Playoffs.

In fact, they barely missed having an official Houston Texans Playoff Elimination Day locked in for the City of Houston.

Maybe next year, we can all take odds on whether the Texans make it past week 13 before grabbing the lead ring of the official elimination.

Just how long will this franchise continue to find new ways to totally suck?

When David Culley had better outcomes than the current coaching staff, it sure seems like this team needs a full top to bottom overhaul. The roster isn’t full of Pro Bowl players, but there are enough NFL level starters to at least give the appearance of competitiveness.

But, that’s not happening either.

So what’s a fan to do?

McNair Family Needs to Sell the Houston Texans

When John McClain states “this is the worst I’ve covered,” you better believe it’s really, really bad.

Unfortunately, his comment about the McNair family cleaning house still leaves the real problem in place: the McNairs.

We should all hope and pray the McNair’s sell the team. Maybe Jeff Bezos or another soon-to-be NFL owner can build a winner for the wonderful people of Houston. This city is full of hard workers, people with great work ethic and ambition, people who literally reach for the stars.

Cal McNair clearly appears to be the opposite of all those things.

Current ownership has had control of this franchise for just over 4 years now. In that time they’ve gone 19-41, with 10 of those wins coming in 2019. They have only 9 wins in the last 3 seasons combined.

9 wins...

And 35 loses.

Cal McNair has proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, he is a failure as an NFL owner.

Nick Caserio may or may not be a great general manager, but his hiring was brought about by Bill O’Brien and Jack Easterby, not Cal.

Under Cal’s “leadership” this team has gone from repeat division champions to repeat early elimination from post-season consideration.

As long as he rules in the bowels of NRG, expect more of the same in 2023 and beyond. Cal will reign from his porcelain throne, perpetually swirling around the drain.