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Houston Texans Super Bowl LVII Odds

It’s another long shot.

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The entire point of the NFL season is to play the games to see who wins a championship. The Los Angeles Rams ended the Cincinnati Bengals’ one-possession win run and eked out a three point win. The Rams did it. They won Super Bowl LVI and became the second team in two years to win the Super Bowl in their hometown.

The news cycle never stops going and spinning. Yesterday is old news. Everyone already has their eyes upon the future. Each team is prepping for free agency and the NFL Draft to build their team to compete in 2022. These teams will tell themselves the goal is to win a title, but 31 of these teams won’t do it and most of them don’t have the talent or coaching to even contend.

There are different life cycles to a NFL team. The Texans are still in the rebuilding phase. They hired Lovie Smith to be their head coach. They’ll look to churn the roster and finally put high draft picks to use this spring. Houston doesn’t have a realistic chance of winning the Super Bowl but the Bengals didn’t either at this time last season. recently published their list of Super Bowl odds for the 2022 NFL season. They are below as follows:

Super Bowl LVII Odds

Team Odds Implied chance
Team Odds Implied chance
Buffalo Bills 800 11.10%
Kansas City Chiefs 950 9.50%
Los Angeles Rams 1000 9.10%
Cincinnati Bengals 1400 6.70%
Dallas Cowboys 1400 6.70%
San Francisco 49ers 1400 6.70%
Green Bay Packers 1600 5.90%
Denver Broncos 2000 4.80%
Baltimore Ravens 2200 4.30%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2200 4.30%
Tennessee Titans 2200 4.30%
Los Angeles Chargers 2500 3.80%
New England Patriots 2500 3.80%
Arizona Cardinals 2800 3.40%
Indianapolis Colts 2800 3.40%
Minnesota Vikings 3500 2.80%
Seattle Seahawks 3500 2.80%
Cleveland Browns 4000 2.40%
New Orleans Saints 4000 2.40%
Philadelphia Eagles 4000 2.40%
Atlanta Falcons 5000 2%
Carolina Panthers 5000 2%
Las Vegas Raiders 5000 2%
Pittsburgh Steelers 5000 2%
Washington Commanders 5000 2%
Miami Dolphins 6000 1.60%
Chicago Bears 8000 1.20%
New York Giants 8000 1.20%
Detroit Lions 10000 1%
Jacksonville Jaguars 10000 1%
New York Jets 10000 1%
Houston Texans 12500 0.80%

It starts with the Buffalo Bills and ends with the Houston Texans. Houston has a +12500 chance, meaning a 0.8% chance of winning Super Bowl LVII. Hey, if you have a hundred bucks to burn, that’s one way to lose your money with a infinitesimal chance at $12,500.00.

That being said, I’m sure these odds will increase. If the Texans complete Deshaun Watson and Laremy Tunsil trades, land talent in the upcoming NFL Draft, and hit on a couple of free agent signings, strange things could happen. Being better than the Detroit Lions and New York Jets wouldn’t be crazy.