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BRB GroupThink: The Texans’ Biggest Need

Stop waiting. Start moving on.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The NFL collective consciousness already has its eyes on NFL free agency and the NFL Draft. With team building season upon us, what is the biggest need the Texans must address this offseason? Is there a specific free agent or draft prospect you feel the Texans have to target?


I think they should work on building a team.


Quite frankly, I think the Texans’ biggest need is trading down.

Trade down from the third pick. Trade down from the 35th pick! Get like six or seven picks between Day 1 and Day 2, taking the best player available every time. Carpetbomb the draft with picks, and maybe we’ll get a couple of guys worth something!


The biggest need? This team has so many that it is hard to just zero in on one, and the fact that the team is deciding to carry almost $40 million in dead money is a major limiting factor in this rebuild. Any roster updates this season will need to come from the draft, undrafted free agents and some bargain-bin level signings.

To that end, the team needs to figure out what to do about Watson and Tunsil. The team they were cornerstones for is long disintegrated. Given all of Watson’s issues; legal, contractual and otherwise, he will be the hardest to move. Yet, he offers the potential key for getting vital rebuilding resources (draft picks and/or young players). To a lesser extent, Tunsil could net a high draft pick plus some other compensation.

Ideally, they can be moved and soon. Watson’s salary jumps to ~$40 million a year, and the team can’t pay that kind of money to just let him be a healthy scratch. Tunsil would be better off on a contending team at this point in his career, as Houston is several years away.

Caserio has his work cut out for him, but he didn’t get the big contract just to listen to Easterby’s sermons or watch Cal get lit up in Minecraft. His approach last year may have surprised, but the team is not trending up. Ordinarily, trading a franchise-level QB and top tier LT is not the smart move, but for the Texans, to move forward, this is the way.


There was a picture somewhere out there in the Twitterverse where a mock drafter had team needs listed for every team in the first round and said the Texans need “everything”.

That’s pretty much it.

Barring any trades in the future, I think there needs to be some fresh skill talent on the offensive side of the ball. Brandin Cooks can’t keep up performances like last season forever, and we certainly can’t just bank on Nico Collins turning into something. Also, the running back situation is horrendous. I’d rather walk on glass than see Rex Burkhead be running back one.


This team is soooo not close to “one player away from contention” that it makes answering this extremely hard. With less than $20 million in current projected cap space, targeting any sort of big name player is futile, since they won’t have enough cash left to fill the other 21 starting roles. Especially since there isn’t a single player on the current roster who should be seen as a lock to keep a starting job in 2022. And, one player isn’t going to make much of an impact. They could land Tom Brady in his prime and it wouldn’t get this team anywhere. He’d line up behind a porous o-line, trying to run a nonsensical playbook, throwing to confused receivers and handing off to ineffective running backs. As the saying goes, that dog don’t hunt.

With that in mind, as BFD mentioned, trading the farm for more draft picks makes the most sense. In fact, trade anything and everything they can for more picks.

Trade the #3 pick, Laremy Tunsil, Watson, Toro, Season Tickets, keys to the executive wash room and anything else of real or perceived value and use that return to build a core of young, promising players - which is what they should have done last off-season. And, while they’re at it, trade the owner and executive VP of Rohan... although those two most likely come with seemingly insurmountable amounts of negative trade equity.


It’s a dead joke that the Texans need everything and even though it’s right that doesn’t mean it hurts less to think about.

In terms of free agency, Deshaun Watson needs to go. This can’t be a thing any longer. Get your three first round picks, or whatever you want for him we can tear this whole damn thing down officially and start rebuilding. I’m okay with keeping Laremy Tunsil considering he hasn’t played up to his contract I don’t think anyone would take that risk in a trade but in terms signing free agents there’s not much that can be done. Find the guys that just want to take 1 year deals to reset there market value and give them more money then anyone else. Don’t commit long term big money to anyone yet because your just not ready for that. Find some diamond in the rough guys or guys coming off bad seasons and just take them on see if they become something.

Now as draft enthusiast I see a lot of people wanting to trade down from three and acquire more assets but trading down when there’s not real quarterback prospect valued at our pick isn’t a realistic option. Unless someone really loves one of these edge rushers or is just in love with Kyle Hamilton sorry to say but your stuck at three. HOWEVER. Pick Kyle Hamilton. This dude is Devin White at the safety position. Great tackler who matches up well with tight ends and is long enough to where he doesn’t have to go stride for stride with the speedy wide receivers but can still reach out and make a play on the ball.


I really enjoy Devin Lloyd. I think he’s a pure athletes and can be a centerpiece of the defense. We are thin thin at linebacker pre free agency. I don’t trust Kayvon Thibodeaux right now and think he isn’t it. Just right now not impressed.

Free agency I expect them to go low and hard. Just similar short term roster filling tactic as last year. I actually think they hit on a good clip for free agents. I expect a quarterback to be signed too.