What I think the Texans should do this offseason and draft.

I'm not informed enough to provide choices. . . but as to strategy, I think first priority should be building a great offensive line. . . . I've often thought over the years, give any quarterback enough time and he'll look great. . .So that's exactly what we should do for our QB. . . instead of having him run for his life all the time. . . let him feel safe and well protected.

Then a great running game always helps a QB look good as well. . . and when the line opens holes you'll see running backs look great.. .I think the better the offensive line is. . .so also will your running game be much better.

I've never done a study, but I bet that time of possession reflects nicely in quality Defensive stats and results.

So if the offense is racking up long drives, lots of first downs, your defense stays rested and capable of being the best they can be. . .and the less they have to be on the field. . .the less the opponent is likely to score. . .

So, yes the Texans have needs everywhere, but let's build a great Offensive line. . .keep Tunsil and let's make it happen this year. . .