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Watch: Battle Red Blog’s 2021 Season Review Megacast

Ignore your loved one’s with us and watch Battle Red Blog’s 2021 season review-2022 offseason preview.

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The 2021 Houston Texans season brought us a long list of classic moments: WE DON’T NEED DESHAUN WATSON, a casper screen touchdown to Phillip Lindsay, David Mills almost dying in Cleveland, Mills pulling off three complicated throws v. New England, the FAKE-FAKE PUNT, Houston forcing five turnovers and losing against Miami, Tyrod Taylor’s interception throwing the ball away, David Culley declining a penalty just to punt, Phillip Lindsay bouncing every run wide, the rainy messy four takeaway win in Nashville that included a Kamu Gruiger-Hill near pick six, the STUPOR BOWL, Rex Burkhead’s heroic day against Los Angeles (C) to stave Houston away from being the worst run offense in NFL history, the STUPOR BOWL, and Mills operating from the spread and feeding Danny Amendola to almost take down the Titans in week 18.

All of that has came and went. Before we fully close the door on the 2021 season, we will go through and review it one last time, and look ahead to how Houston should, can, and will build their team for the 2022. It’s another Battle Red Blog megacast. Sit down. Stay in. Ignore the one’s you love. And reminisce on the past and look forward to the future with us.

The show will start at 9 p.m. central. The post will be updated with a stream of it so you can watch via the embedded player below. You can also head to Twitch ( to catch it live, and join the chat.

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