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Hearing On Deshaun Watson Civil Cases Scheduled For Today

The Texans’ QB will learn whether his deposition will proceed this week.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Today could be a pivotal moment in the Deshaun Watson saga. According to ABC13, Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing all 22 women who have sued Watson, has confirmed that “A hearing has been scheduled for Monday afternoon in the Deshaun Watson trial”. Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network later took to Twitter with further details:

With the beginning of the next NFL calendar year approaching, Watson’s effective timetable to resolve his current lawsuits and outstanding civil cases begins to shrink. Logistically, Watson wants all 22 women to be deposed before he himself is deposed. Whenever Watson is deposed, he will be under oath and any lie could be used against him in civil or criminal proceedings (i.e,, this is what in part got Bill Clinton impeached 24 years ago).

Additionally, Watson knows if he can settle in the next few weeks, there will be enough time for the Texans to shop him before the 2022 NFL Draft arrives in late April. That would be advantageous for Watson’s desire to play football in 2022, as he remains resolute to not play for the Texans again, and the chance for him to find a new home is greatly increased if (1) the civil cases against him are resolved and (2) potential employers haven’t already locked in other plans at QB. Conversely, the Texans are certainly inclined to trade him for picks in the upcoming draft; they’d certainly prefer to avoid another year of Watson holding out, which could mean they’d have to pay him $35 million in 2022 simply to take up a roster spot.

While much has yet to be decided in this case and a true conclusion does not appear to be any closer to taking place, this afternoon could be a barometer for the future affairs and timeline in the Deshaun Watson litigation.