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Houston Texans Podcast: 2021 Season Review & 2022 Offseason Preview Megacast

The gang at Battle Red Blog looks back on what transpired in 2021, and preview the upcoming Houston Texans offseason.

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Soon everything that just transpired will either be forgotten, or strange dots of memories. Did David Culley turn down a penalty just to punt, Brandin Cooks leap over helpless defensive backs, Philip Lindsay barely break two yards a carry, Nick Caserio trade Mark Ingream for a 2023 6th round pick, Laremy Tunsil sit out the entire season with a thumb injury that limited his pincer grasp, Tyrod Taylor throw an interception throwing the ball away, Houston turn Carson Wentz into a starting quarterback, Davis Mills morph from unplayable to an interesting prospect, and Tytus Howard became the Texans left tackle of the future. Yes. Yes, all these things occurred. Before they are lost forever, and the Texans became a brand new team once again, Battle Red Blog’s masthead revisits the past, and looks ahead to the future.

On this episode of Battle Rad Radio, Matt Weston, Scott (L4Blitzer), Kenneth L., Uprooted Texan, TIM, and Rivers McCown, look back on the 2021 Houston Texans season, and preview the 2022 Texans offseason. Topics include: the greatest moments from the 2021 Houston Texans offseason, if David Culley should have been fired, Lovie Smith falling into a head coaching job, Jack Easterby’s continued influence on the football team, the disappointment the impending Deshaun Watson trade is going to bring everyone, hanging out with Antony Auclair, which Texans unrestricted free agents will stay in Houston, the 2016 Houston Texans, and future articles coming to a website near you.

Let’s start the show.

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