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Houston Texans Re-Sign Jon Weeks

Nick Caserio learned his lesson.

Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The last two seasons, the Houston Texans have taken the competition mantra to its furthest point. Last year, they tried to push Jon Weeks off the roster in an attempt to get younger at the position or something, to break Weeks, only to eventually relent and bring him back. Nick Caserio learned his lesson. Don’t mess with Jon Weeks.

The Texans have re-signed Weeks to a new one-year contract. The longest tenured Texan isn’t going anywhere. He’ll be here again this season, making $1.2 million to snap a football.

This will be Weeks’ 13th season with the Texans, and he will start his 200th career game. Weeks hasn’t missed a start since taking over the position when he was 24 years old back in 2010. Now 36, the grizzled veteran has 24 more starts in Houston than Andre Johnson and the most in franchise history with 193. The 2022 season will only push him further ahead of Johnson.

Jon Weeks is immortal, invincible, and no matter what you try to do, you can’t take his job.