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2022 Houston Texans Coaching Search: Lovie Smith Gets The Final Rose

Lovie Smith has been named the head coach of YOUR Houston Texans.

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins
Lovie Smith is the new Head Coach of YOUR Houston Texans.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

WOW! Did y’all see this season’s action on The Coach?!?! What a thriller!

First, I thought Josh McDaniels was for sure going to win. It seemed like it’d be a runaway victory, but he left in the middle of the season to move to Las Vegas! Crazy! He ran away!

Jerod Mayo and Brian Flores were looking good for a while there, and then Jonathan Gannon burst onto the scene for a bit. Lurking, though, always in the shadows, was Josh McCown. At our watch parties, we would always boo when he was on the screen! LOL!

THEN, out of NOWHERE, came Lovie Smith. Perhaps we never knew that the flames from 2014 still linked the two, but when Cal McNair handed Lovie the final rose, it was a...sniff...beautiful ending!

So, yeah, even though the source is rather suspect, it’s official. Lovie Smith is the new head coach of your Houston Texans.

Lovie Smith’s promotion to head coach, for me, is the working definition of “uninspiring.” This has all the markings of another David Culley-esque, short-term placeholder kind of hire. Smith is 63, but at least he has some level of experience.

Unlike in Chicago, Lovie doesn’t have an elite defensive squad, so let’s nip that “He took Rex Grossman to the Super Bowl” speciousness in the bud.

Have at it in the comments. I mean, can you imagine Lovie Smith’s offense in a Lovie Smith defense? Makes you think.