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2022 NFL Free Agency: The Houston Texans Re-Sign Justin Britt

The Texans keep stepping on rakes.

NFL: Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Early into last offseason, the Houston Texans replaced Nick Martin, who couldn’t find the field in Las Vegas, with Justin Britt, who returned to the NFL after missing all of 2020 thanks to a torn ACL. Britt started the majority of the games for Houston in 2021, and was replaced by Jimmy Morrissey a handful of times.

Britt wasn’t good when he was in Houston. His pass protection was sloppy, missing stunts you wouldn’t expect a veteran player to miss, and getting beat in one v. one pass protection situations. His run blocking was egregious. Second level flails. Occasionally reaching the nose. No matter the run scheme, he couldn’t find his footing.

Despite all of this, the Texans are welcoming him back to start at center once again.

We won’t know how everything fits until after April. Once the draft has been completed, and moves are made to close out the rest of the roster. That being said, Nick Caserio’s fascination with running back an awful 4-13 team, by resigning underwhelming players, and adding A.J. Cann to rebuild the interior of the offensive line is hysterical. If Britt, Justin McCray, and Cann start along the Texans interior this year, the run game is going to be disastrous like last year.

Welcome back Britt. Hopefully 2022 is when you finally find your sea legs again.