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Report: Texans Want Three First Round Picks, Other Assets For Deshaun Watson

Another morsel.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Yesterday we learned that Deshaun Watson was meeting with Carolina, New Orleans, Cleveland, and Atlanta to discuss what each team could do for him, to try and convince him to rescind his no trade clause. Watson finished meetings with Carolina, New Orleans, and Cleveland, with Atlanta set to meet with Watson today.

Aaron Wilson reported that Houston is allowing teams to meet with Watson if, and only if, they have submitted a trade proposal. These four teams have put together an offer for Watson, and so he begins his own version of free agency as a result.

Houston is currently asking for at least three first round picks, and additional draft capital and players for Watson’s services.

So far this has spurned a possible Matt Ryan three team trade, with the Indianapolis Colts waiting by the way side, and Baker Mayfield looking for a new home, with him being a possible addition to Houston in a Watson trade, or navigating a separate trade if Watson is moved to Cleveland, and Saints players pitching for Watson to play in New Orleans.

This year long odyssey is coming to a close. Soon Watson will rescind his no trade clause, and the Texans will pick the best offer available as a result. Watson could, and more than likely will, be traded by the end of this week.