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2022 NFL Free Agency: Houston Texans Sign Eric Murray To Two-Year Contract Extension

What are we even doing here?

Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

In 2020, Bill O’Brien’s plan to turn the Houston Texans into a Super Bowl contender was to turn a top three wide receiver into Brandin Cooks, David Johnson, and an interior pass rusher, and sign Eric Murray to fix the pass defense. Murray signed a three-year $18 million contract at that time worth $10.75 million guaranteed. No one knew who Murray was, no one knew why he received the contract he did. This plan failed. The Texans won four games, and they had one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL once again.

Entering this offseason the Texans could have cut Murray to save $5.4 million in cap space. This was expected. Murray isn’t good at anything. He can’t play man coverage, he doesn’t tackle well, he doesn’t break on the ball and create turnovers or negative plays. He doesn’t do much of anything. Last season he pulled out a competent game or two, but wasn’t worth his contract, and his release was impending.

Enter Nick Caserio. Rather than do the correct and right thing, the Texans doubled down on previous mistakes and errors. Houston is extending Murray to a two-year extension worth a maximum of $10 million.

Safety, cornerback, all of it is bad. Pass coverage, tackling, all of it bad. This doesn’t matter. None of it matters. Nothing matters. The only thing that does is that the Texans like him.