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Houston Texans Trade Sixth Round Pick for...Linebacker Blake Cashman?

Sure, I guess.

New York Jets v Carolina Panthers Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The Houston Texans spent last offseason signing a dozen linebackers. Last season, there linebacker play wasn’t good outside of Kamu Gruiger-Hill. Gruiger-Hill is an intellectual, he can play the hook, scamper to the flat, reads and reacts to the run game to create negative plays, and tramples across the field. Neville Hewitt had one good game against Miami, looping from the strong side to the weakside to make a ton of tackles, but it didn’t work when Lovie Smith kept trying it. Christian Kirksey? Bad. Kevin Pierre-Louis? Didn’t play and wasn’t worth the contract he received.

The Texans need front seven talent. They need difference makers. They need something more than non-playable characters. They haven’t cut Pierre-Louis to save $3 million in cap space, and instead reworked his contract. They resigned Kirksey. They haven’t resigned Gruiger-Hill. And now, they traded a sixth round pick for New York Jets backup linebacker Blake Cashman. Huh?

Cashman is a former fifth round pick. He’s started seven games in his career. He spent most of the last two seasons on injured reserve. Your guess is as good as mine. Typically, you’d expect for a competent general manager to be able to find a player exactly like this in the sixth round. Instead, for whatever reason, Caserio just had to have him.

I wonder what Ryan Finley is up to?