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2022 NFL Free Agency: Tyrod Taylor Signs with New York Giants, Houston Texans Sign Kyle Allen

The Texans get themselves a backup quarterback.

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

I still remember it vividly. It was early into the 2019 season with the Carolina Panthers in Houston. The Texans offensive line struggled throughout the entire game, they called a wide receiver pass in the redzone that was picked off, and Christian McCaffrey and Kyle Allen deep balls scored just enough points. Deshaun Watson couldn’t pull off the game winning drive, and the Texans lost 10-16, to fall to 2-2.

Since then Kyle Allen has been working to get back to Houston. He started the rest of the season for Carolina after Cam Newton tore his foot. He then followed Ron Rivera to Washington to be the Football Team’s backup quarterback. He went 1-3 as a starter, and now at the age of 26, he’s played fine enough to be a backup quarterback in the NFL.

Now he’ll be the backup quarterback of the Houston Texans. A similar play style to Davis Mills, and the perfect backup for him, now that Tyrod Taylor has left to play for the New York Giants.

Allen makes sense to backup in Houston. It would still behoove Houston to draft a quarterback to buy a lottery ticket along with a dozen doughnuts, two big bags of Doritos, one of those cheap one gallon bottles of the generic fruit punch, and a nasty rotting banana. Mills was good enough to compete for the starting quarterback position. Allen isn’t going to push him for that, he’s a backup if Mills wins the job.