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The Cleveland Browns are Out on Deshaun Watson; New Orleans Emerges as the Favorite

It becomes clearer.

Houston Texans v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Then there were three.

This week Deshaun Watson met with Cleveland, New Orleans, Carolina, and Atlanta, about rescinding his no trade clause. Nick Caserio was requiring each team to provide a trade proposal before Watson could meet with this teams. Today the picture has become clearer. The Cleveland Browns have dropped out of the race.

Nothing has been heard regarding Carolina, but the rumor is the Falcons will back out if a decision isn’t made today.

And the New Orleans Saints are meeting with Watson a second time, including the owner meeting with Watson. No other team has met with Watson multiple times according to the reports.

The Saints are also rapidly restructuring contracts to create cap space. Taysom Hill, Bradley Roby, DeMario Davis, and Malcolm Jenkins, were all reworked to create $29.9 million in space. This, plus trading players, will give the Saints enough space to add Watson.

Watson has met with the Saints twice, the Saints have cleared their cap space, the owner has met with Watson. All signs are pointing to New Orleans at the moment. But as we all know, things change, and until it’s done everything is still uncertain.