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2022 NFL Combine: Watch Nick Caserio, Lovie Smith Speak

The Texans’ decision-makers hit the podium.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This offseason is different than last year’s. A year ago, the Houston Texans were stagnant. Without top draft capital, with a franchise quarterback who had demanded a trade, and with limited cap space, the Texans were stuck plotting at the middle of the 2021 NFL Draft and finding former veterans to join the team. This year, Houston has the third overall pick, a pending Deshaun Watson trade, a possible Laremy Tunsil trade, an interesting quarterback prospect already on the roster in Davis Mills, and they can create enough cap space to add talent by releasing the Eric Murrays of the world.

The Texans have options in 2022. But like last year, the Texans still face the same questions. They need to trade Watson. They need talent. They have another new head coach in Lovie Smith.

Watch Nick Caserio’s press conference from the 2022 NFL Combine. Among other things, Caserio is looking at moving down from third overall, needs to upgrade the running back position, could re-sign Justin Reid, and is taking the possible Watson trade day by day.

Then catch Lovie Smith’s press conference below:

There it is from Caserio and Smith. They can say everything they want, but what they really need is talent. Hopefully, over the next two months, they are able to find top talent the next good Texans team can be built around.