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2022 NFL Free Agency: Geron Christian Signs with the Kansas City Chiefs

A swing tackle lands somewhere else.

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Apparently, it looks like Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard will be the Houston Texans offensive tackles in 2022. After looking like he was on the outside looking in, Tunsil had his contract restructured to lower his enormous cap hit for 2022, and after failing at left guard, Howard proved once again that’s he a tackle in the NFL. With the addition of A.J. Cann, Justin McCray on the roster, and multiple draft picks, it feels like the Texans tackle position is set.

Houston started Geron Christian Sr. in Tunsil’s place briefly, while Howard was stuck at guard. There he was a perfectly acceptable offensive tackle, and showed his worth as a backup who can slide into the starting role well. Christian also made the block of the year, a block Laremy Tunsil could never make, by trotting out in space on a tunnel screen, and leading the way for Brandin Cooks to punch in a game winning touchdown.

Without Christian as the swing tackle, it looks like Heck will be tasked with that role. Howard would replace Tunsil, and Heck would fill in at right tackle then, or if something happened to Howard. Because of this, Christian was expendable, but I’m sure he’ll play well in Kansas City for Orlando Brown if he ever needs to.