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Saturday Night Tunes: 3/26/2022 Edition

Pants free open thread.

#SheInspiresMe Brunch
The amazing Kelsey Wilson, aka Sir Woman.
Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Twitter

It’s my pleasure to highlight two incredible local (ish!) artists in tonight’s Saturday Night Tunes who have become to of my favorites.

Sir Woman

Also know as Kelsey Wilson, there’s just something about Sir Woman I love. I mean, I do know: she can take a song and turn it into a beautiful production. Horns? Sure. Strings? Great! It doesn’t matter as she makes my booty shake with every song, and her backing band for her newest release is full of local Austin legends.

Ready to shake your booty? LFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carson McHone

Sometimes described as a country artist, McHone cares not for your labels. Sorta like old fave Sturgill Simpson, she does what she wants, and what she does it make fantastic. The lyrics, the hooks, and that amazing voice add up to one heckuva package. Still Life released earlier this year, and it’s top to bottom a fantastic album. I’m dropping the title track, “Still Life,” as the video, but do yourself a favor and also listen to “Hawks Don’t Share.”

Foo Fighters

With the news today that drummer Taylor Hawkins passed away, I would be incredibly remiss if I didn’t mention Foo Fighters today. I picked maybe their most cliche song, but I also believe it’s their best. RIP Taylor.