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2022 NFL Free Agency: Houston Texans Sign DaeSean Hamilton to One-Year Contract

The Texans add another wide receiver.

Chargers Broncos at SoFi Robert Gauthier/ Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

One of the biggest problems the Houston Texans had last season, is their entire passing offense was Brandin Cooks. The mighty mouse was the only receiver Houston had who could get open, and he carried the Texans dull passing attack. Chris Conley is bad, and didn’t do much last season as the second wide receiver, but was brought back for ‘familiarity’ purposes. Nico Collins couldn’t get corners to turn and open their hips to open the curls and and inward breaking routes. Chris Moore did a few things. Brevin Jordan found holes in the zone and ran after the catch. All, in all, the Texans had one competent receiver last season.

This offseason they had yet to address this flaw. Enter DaeSean Hamilton. Hamilton is a former fourth round selection by the Denver Broncos from Penn State. In Denver, he was held victim by Drew Lock and others, and was always able to produce around 300 receiving yards, and 3 touchdowns. He also flashed with a few electric routes during his time in Denver, but with the receiving depth the Broncos have, Hamilton was pushed off the roster this offseason.

Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. The Houston Texans signed Hamilton to a one-year contract.

Unless the footwork God completely changes Collins’s game, Hamilton is the second most talented wide receiver on the roster now. Unless Houston makes a game changing selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, Hamilton is the Texans second best wide receiver by default. This has more to say about the current state of things, than Hamilton himself, but Hamilton is at least a younger talented player with something unknown to offer, the exact type of player Caserio needs to sign rather than the has been cultural fits he’s so infatuated with.