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The Miami Dolphins Claim They Are Out On Deshaun Watson

The doors are closed.

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Once Deshaun Watson requested a trade, the front runner to land him was Miami. The Dolphins had Tu’a Tagovailoa on their roster, but because of his injuries, meek arm, ability to only throw three routes, and the constant RPOs, the Dolphins, like any team without a surefire franchise quarterback, were interested in making a move to acquire Watson. The weather, culture, Brian Flores, whatever...Watson wanted to move from Houston to a team with talent concerns of their own.

Watson to Miami was the rumor that cascaded through the internet the last year. Watson wants Miami. The Dolphins want Watson. The Texans and Dolphins allegedly agreed to the terms of a Watson trade before the deadline, only for it to fall apart because Watson wouldn’t or couldn’t settle all the civil cases filed against him. After the 2021 season ended, in the aftermath of Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the Dolphins, it was alleged that a mysterious veteran quarterback met with owner Stephen Ross two years before. That alleged meeting predated Watson’s trade demand, but it didn’t stop the speculation.

Yesterday, the dreams of a new life in South Beatch came to an end for Watson. Dolphins general manager Chris Grier told Albert Breer with Sports Illustrated, “The door is shut on Deshaun Watson.”

It’s beautiful. Watson, after deciding to leave the Texans right after signing a long-term extension, saw his hopes and dreams zapped. “Anywhere but Miami!” as a rallying cry for the Houston fanbase last year, and now they get exactly what they wanted.

Watson appears to have lost this game of chess. Now he’s by himself, still facing sexual assault allegations, and without getting his relocation desires met.

Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Denver, Cleveland? The Watson sweepstakes are still open. Houston is stuck in purgatory, but at least it isn’t Miami.