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When Logging On Goes Wrong: Tweets From Jack Easterby

Twitter savages the second most hated person in Houston sports history

16th Annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Super Bowl Gospel

“Promoted Beyond Your Competency” is a term frequently used in the business world to describe someone who has been unduly elevated past the point of their training, skill, and ability to succeed in said elevated role. The promotion is often due to nepotism or incompetence in the role that brought about the elevation.

Take, for example, moving someone from the role of youth pastor, oft considered an entry level position in larger churches, to Executive Vice President of Football Operations for one of the 32 franchises in the largest sport in the United States.

When you add in what seems to be a very self-serving agenda, multiple reports of backhanded behavior, and a wide variety of highly respected individuals calling that person out, you might just have the Houston Texans’ most publicly vilified personality, Jack Easterby.

You know, the person voted here as the second-most hated personality in Houston sports history.

After getting raked across the coals by Sports Illustrated over the last 18 months, Easterby has either learned to keep a lower profile or been muzzled by cooler heads in the organization.

That is, until the other day, when he sent this tweet:

On the surface, it seems innocent enough, a congratulatory tweet for a colleague. In fact, congratulating your co-workers publicly is something a lot more people should do. Unless you have Easterby’s apparent reputation and public standing, that is.

It took less time than watching Brandin Cooks run the 40-yard dash to see the Twittersphere rise up and shred Easterby.

Yeah, Jack...I think it’s time to log off.