SB Nation Community Live Mock Draft 2022

This event has been running for 15+ years on SB Nation, but has been moved to Discord due to the CORAL-19 disaster. We changed the name to The Legacy Mock Draft, as it's the mock of all mocks. We have fans from each of the 32 teams as representative GMs that commit to one weekend of 4/8 to 4/10 to submit 262 picks. This is my tenth year as the Houston Texans GM, & I was voted in as Commissioner of the Legacy Mock Draft in this draft. All draft picks are made by real persons. They all occur live in one weekend. Each GM has only 5 minutes to pick for the first round, 4 minutes in the 2nd, 3 minutes in the 3rd, & only 2 minutes to pick in the final 4 four rounds. Each second counts like gold in this realm. Time is of the essence here. There was moments where some GMs had their pick skipped & had to be manually turned in afterwards.

Disclaimer: Please understand this is a fictional realm that is not attached to reality. This is no quick mock simulation that is performed within a few minutes. This entire weekend event only occurs once a year, (and for me, I'm usually doing this on a couple hours of sleep after getting off from work, all while having to deal with keeping track of trades between all of the other teams, updating the draft tracker in real time, & having to plan out my moves based on what everyone else does, & I have no war room to rely on to help me make picks. It's just me wearing all those hats). I don't control what other GMs do as far as trades (outside of approving said trades) & I have no idea what their thought processes are going into this exercise.


The Green Bay Packers have traded #22 & #53 to the Houston Texans for the #13 pick:
Green Bay wanted to move up for a premium talent. I was basically getting the return for Davante Adams. I had no reason to say no.

The Texans have traded Brandin Cooks & the 68th pick to Philadelphia for Jalen Hurts & their first 5th round pick #162:
In hindsight, this may have been a bad trade, but I was unsure of Cooks' status with the Texans going into the draft. Getting Jalen Hurts is a safety net in case things don't go well with Mills. Shipping off Cooks probably influenced my next trade.

The Houston Texans have traded Tytus Howard to the San Francisco 49ers for Brandon Aiyuk:

At this point, I'm not sold on Tytus Howard at RT or OG. San Francisco was shopping Aiyuk, initially asking for a 2nd or a player & a 3rd. I offered Howard straight up & he said yes immediately (O-Line was his highest priority). Probably could have haggled for more if I knew how fast he would say yes to Howard. Aiyuk is highly underused on the 49ers, so I think he would thrive somewhere else as a focal point of the passing game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have traded picks #70 & #161 to the Houston Texans for picks #80 & #107

Jacksonville was looking to trade back in the 3rd round & I was looking to trade up to ensure I could get a RB that I wanted. Swapping a early 4th (which I still had the next pick after) for a mid 5th (which I held the next pick after that one) was worth it to move up from 80 to 70. Little did I know that would set me up to commit an absolute theft...

The Houston Texans have traded the 70th pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the 105th & 187th picks, a future 5th round pick, RB Trey Sermon, & DE Samson Ebukam:

Yeah, I got all that for the 70th pick. The 49ers GM admits he overpaid, but he was desperate to move up for a guy he saw falling down the board. The guy he wanted ended up getting picked at 67. For the 70th pick, I got a underused RB to pair with Marlon Mack, a rotational DE, the last pick in the 3rd round, & another 6th round pick, which ended up coming in very handy.

The Detroit Lions have traded the 97th pick to the Houston Texans for the 105th & 161st picks:

I had my eyes on a player in the draft that I wanted to make sure I got before Day 2 ended. Detroit was looking to move down, & I had the ammo to move up. I made the offer conditional that the player I wanted was available at 97, & when he was there, I pulled the trigger on the trade.

Draft Results:

#3: Aidan Hutchinson, Edge, Michigan:

I don't have a clue what the first two picks were thinking (especially since Jacksonville traded out of #1 for #10 & Jets G Connor McGovern.... that's it). Thibodeaux went at #1, Evan Neal went at #2 (he took Malik Willis at #8, so this at least makes some sense). Hutchinson being there for the taking at #3 was a no brainer for me. The D-Line was abysmal in run defense & pass rush, so this was the first step to improving that group.

#22: Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia:

This 1st round was crazy. 8 WRs were taken in the 1st round, & Philly had 4 1st round picks (they disregarded the PHI/NO trade because it happened after our cut off date), two of which they spent on Devin Lloyd & Nakobe Dean. However, that allowed for Jordan Davis to fall right in my lap. Having a D-Line with Hutchinson & Jordan Davis??? Yes, Please.

#37: Quay Walker, LB, Georgia:

After missing out on Lloyd & Dean in the 1st, LB was my highest priority. You need an athletic LB in the middle of a Tampa 2 defense. Quay Walker is a guy that I hope can fill that role.

#53: Nicholas Petit-Frere, OT, Ohio State:

With Tytus Howard getting shipped off to SF for Brandon Aiyuk, I needed to address RT ASAP. Petit-Frere is a guy that can fill the hole & develop into a solid edge protector.

#97: JT Woods, S, Baylor:

Woods to me looked like the most athletic FS prospect left on the board in the 3rd, so I had to make sure I had him. He would be fast enough to keep everything in front of him & be either a centerfielder or 2 deep safety.

#112: Logan Bruss, G, Wisconsin:

Interior OL is also a massive weakness. Thankfully, there's depth in this draft to find that in the mid & late rounds, although I'm not waiting for the late rounds to address that issue. Fixing the defense & O-Line are the highest priorities in my eyes. Bruss is exactly what you expect in a Wisconsin OL - strong, athletic, & scheme versatile.

#162: Thayer Munford, OT/G, Ohio State:

I was looking at a center for this pick, but the guy I wanted went right before this pick. Munford was a backup plan, as he is position versatile as either a guard or swing tackle.

#182: Joshua Jobe, CB, Alabama:

Honestly, I probably put off CB way too long, but this is a deep CB class, so I'm not disappointed with this pick. He could fit in a Cover 2/Tampa 2 scheme well.

#183: Kyle Phillips, WR, UCLA:

I was primarily looking for a slot WR to fill the hole left by Danny Amendola's departure. Phillips fits the bill as the prototypical white WR (fill in the stereotypes), plus he doubles as a punt returner.

#187: Zamir "Zeus" White, RB, Georgia:

With that extra 6th I got from the 49ers in that trade for the 70th pick, I wasn't going to sit on my laurels having Mack & Sermon at RB. I had to get younger. Zamir White in the 6th is a hell of a steal in my eyes, especially to have him share the load with Mack.

#208: Armani Rogers, TE, Ohio:

This guy is interesting. At 6'5" 225 lbs, he looks the part, but he's definitely a developmental prospect as he's switching from QB to TE. He showed up at the Shrine Game impressing a lot of scouts, looking great in one-on-one drills, holding up decently in pass blocking, then shocking scouts by telling them he had never run routes before the Shrine Game practices, relying simply on natural ability. He's got a high ceiling, possibly could be a receiving threat like Logan Thomas.

#246: Connor Heyward, FB, Michigan State:

He's definitely got the NFL bloodlines with the Heyward name. He's a versatile prospect with RB & TE experience, likely to be used in an H-Back role as a receiving threat out of the backfield.


Chris Steele, CB, USC:

Adding to the CB depth chart, good size-speed prospect

Columbus Tray Willis, OT, Alcorn State:

Large HBCU prospect at 6’4" 333 lbs. Willis has stopped numerous pass-rushers cold in their tracks during one-on-ones and is a stout anchor. In fact, he has been one of the harder big men to move off their stance due to his great body control, power and hand placement. A mechanical engineering major, the White Castle, Louisiana native is a big fan of Muhammad Ali and he can sting like a bee with a violent hand punch. He was a three-sport athlete in high school (played football, basketball, track and field), which certainly shows up with his great movement skills

Jequez Ezzard, WR, Sam Houston State:

Wasn't about to rest my laurels on Kyle Phillips alone as an answer in the slot. Ezzard will add competition at the position.

Caliph Brice, LB, FAU:

Keeping with the theme of adding athletic guys on the defense, Brice was the most athletic guy I could find that was good in coverage at LB.

Delarrian Turner-Yell, SAF, Oklahoma:

This guy shouldn't have been here. Dude should have been drafted in the late rounds. He can cover as a 2 deep safety or come down in the box as necessary.

Michael Maietti, C, Missouri:

Another guy that should have gone in the late rounds. He would be able to learn the position from veterans like Justin Britt & AJ McCann & develop nicely.

Matt Hankins, CB, Iowa:

More CB depth, likely would be best as a slot CB that can do well in zone coverage.

Full Results/Draft Tracker:

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