Houston Texans 2022 7 Round Mock Draft (1.0)

The 2022 NFL draft is upon us and as a Texan fan the hype is through the roof but after a forgettable season who do we pick and why should our organization trust these picks in the first place, here now for The Red Talk we are here to break down and evaluate all of the given selections the Houston Texans have with only a set of rules and of course this is a simulation so not everything will be as predicted, with that being said im Damian Garay apart of TheRedTalk team and lets jump right into the Draft.

RULES: Like i have Previously stated this was a simulation done and not everything was set in stone but one thing to remember is the that there are no trades being involved and the only picks the Texans have are there own from previous trades and many other deals involving players ,so only the ones to date that have been acquired in a nutshell.


3rd Overall Pick- Evan Neal OT Alabama

-A dominant Blocker in every aspect something a team like the Texans could work with a 100% if they go on with Davis Mills as there QB of the future the guy is an absolute stud on the field and in terms of how he uses his body and hands would absolutely be a 1# pick if the Jags don't go on to pick Aidan Hutchinson with there selection . If the Texans do decide to choose him with the 3rd overall selection or maybe Ickey Ekwonu it's guaranteed he will make an immediate impact on the O line going into the 22' season and so forth.

13th Overall Pick- Jermaine Jhonson EDGE Florida State

-The Texans with the 13th overall pick can make some noise with this selection and in my opinion they should pick a pass rusher and someone with crazy potential, enter Jermaine Jhonson. Given the right tools and the usage of this freak of an athlete the Texans could develop this guy into an absolute force on the defensive side, something that right now the franchise needs at its disposal.


37th Overall Pick- Breece Hall RB Iowa State

-Running the ball last season for the Texans was absolutely atrocious and safe to say they need someone who can fill a void and contribute to put some work into the Texans offense. With that being said even if they signed Marlon Mack i still believe he isn't the key to solving this problem so draft arguably the best Running back at your disposal. The catching and running are elite for a guy like this and it's an easy pick in the early 2nd round but you can always argue that Kenneth Walker III can fill this slot but at that point it's personal preference,all in all it's a good pick for this Texans offense.


68th Overall Pick- Trey McBride TE Colorado State

-This pick is something of an issue that needs to be addressed and this goes into the pick before hand with Breece Hall and in order to achieve that with Breece you need good blockers or maybe someone who can Catch and Block at a good enough to support that thus this pick is something that many can get behind. Trey McBride offers a good amount for the Texans to be immediately impressed with thus a good selection and a safe one at best which means the Texans can stop using Brevin Jordan for blocking.

80th Overall Pick- Marcus Jones CB Houston

-This guy has absolutely everything to be a breakout star and is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best special teams player in this draft in which thats were here shines the most but while helping the special teams he also addresses a key thing the Texans need to lock down on which is defense so in return the Texans get someone who is great all around and has almost everything and anything the Texans may need, and in order to get everything on track for a breakout season i believe the Texans should draft this kid and put him in the right position to grow and become better thus a weapon on both ends for Lovie Smith.


107th Overall Pick- Jalen Tolbert WR South Alabama

-In my opinion i think this is a guaranteed steal in this draft this guy got's everything you would want in a top receiver the guy is a great size great speed and has good route running which means instantly he'd be competing for a job from the get go so if the Texans can pull away with this pick in the draft this would help out Davis Mills so much and add someone who can elevate this young and hungry Offense.

108th Overall Pick- Brandon Smith LB Penn State

- a sleeper pick in most cases in most cases this guy checks the boxes for needs the Texan defense desires and can become a trouble maker for offenses to deal with the guy can blitz, tackle, recognize plays, and stuffs the run fairly average which for this late in the draft is something that the Texans just cant pass up so take a chance on the kid and maybe he can prove something on the field.


183rd Overall Pick- Verone McKinley III Oregon

- Yes this pick is very late to find Justin Reids replacement but at the same time its worth taking a bit of a jump and trying to find a solution and in this case its a good fit for Mckinley. The safety out of Oregon displays a lot of good things but they can all be refined as well to add on to that he expresses high energy and all out on pretty much every play just look at his tape.Overall a good pick for a late draftee and another solid or ok pick up in the backfield for the Texans

205th Overall Pick- Ja'Tyre Carter IOL Southern

-A pick this late in the draft is not the best but to me Ja'Tyre Carter displayed a lot of good attributes at the senior bowl and made a case for him to be chosen. Although there can be some fine tuning i feel like he expresses a lot that can be emulated in in-game scenarios thus a sneaky pick that can do the o-line some good and bring some impact into the run and passing game.

207th Overall Pick- Isaac Taylor-Stuart CB USC

-This CB has everything that a good CB needs to be great in this league and case in point Isaac, he for sure has the speed in which he was a track star, and his tackling and coverage go very under radar so if this guy stays on the board it can be a excellent pick up and another addition to this Houston defense in need


245th Overall Pick- Smoke Monday S Auburn

- First off Smoke is something of a tricky pick in a sense although he makes a case to be an underrated safety his performances at Auburn make it to wear this kind of caliber can be turned into a mega star and he already has an head start with such a cool name, all this guy needs is the right lead and the sky's the limit for the kid.


If the Texans do manage to build off of these selections they are guided in the right path and with more 1st round picks to come , so its more and more obvious that this will take a while but with that comes the development and a slow burn so as long as the front office can maintain a level head an keep doing what there doing theirs a good trend for the Texans and im certainly looking forward to it.

But what do you think of the Draft let me know in the comments and if you think we need to change a few picks and how do you grade this? Never the less thank you for reading this Battle Red Blog and thank you from The Red Talk team.