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Countdown to the 2022 NFL Draft

Come and sit a spell as we wait to find out what the Draft Fairy has left for the Texans under the Football Tree.

NFL: Combine
Today Nick Caserio becomes a man.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just a few short hours away from the moment we’ve been waiting for since the end of the Super Bowl the start of the David Culley era 2020 the Divisional Round game in 2019.

Unlike the last two years (remember to thank Bill O’Brien by spitting in his chin dimple if you see him), the Houston Texans not only have a first round draft pick, they have two! And they’re early draft picks too! So be prepared to see what the Texans do with them because they have a lot of work to do.

A lot of possibilities remain possible going into the draft. Could the Texans trade one or both their picks to a team desperate for Malik Willis for a boatload of picks? Do the Texans hold the line and use them where they are? Do they do something utterly insane and trade up in the first round?

There is so much to do and less time to do it in. So park yourself in that chair, order up some beer and wings or whatever you do for the draft and talk drafty to us and your fellow Texans fans in the comment section below!

Unrelated, but this has been playing in my head since roughly mid-day yesterday. I blame the draft for it.