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Texans Trade 13th Overall Pick to the Eagles

Here’s a breakdown of the picks the Texans will get for the 13th overall pick.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well it happened. With two picks in the first round, that kind of flexibility gives the Texans a lot of room to move in the first round. And move they did.

The Texans have traded their 13th pick to the Eagles in a surprise trade.

Here’s how the trade breaks down if you haven’t seen it already:

The Texans will receive:

The 15th overall pick (1st round)
The 124th overall pick (4th round)
The 162nd overall pick (5th round)
The 166th overall pick (5th round)

The Eagles will receive:

The 13th overall pick (1st round)

The Eagles selected Jordan Davis, defensive tackle out of Georgia with the Texans pick. Personally, I love the trade. It only moves the team down a couple of spots and gets three more third day picks. And with the kind of rebuild this team is facing, there is no such thing as too many picks. And it makes the possibility of getting either a top-flight offensive tackle, defensive lineman, or safety (looking at you, Kyle Hamilton).

How do you feel about the trade? Think the Texans got enough for their pick? Wanted to get more? Let us know what you were expecting/hoping for in the comments below.