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2022 NFL Draft: First Round Open Thread

A night promising to deliver in chaos and intrigue.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Congratulations! You survived the Houston Texans ‘21 season, the Watson drama, the David Culley press conferences, and the eventual selection of Lovie Smith in the coaching search saga. First of all kudos to you and secondly it only makes sense after such a stressful and tumultuous post-Bill O’Brien era that you should get to truly enjoy the opening draft night with not just a single but a pair of first round picks this year!

Fear not because you’re not alone. Nick Caserio has never made a first round pick for the Houston Texans before. Over the last few months we’ve been given a lot of time to talk about things going in a wild array of directions. However this first night of the draft in particular promises downright pandemonium. Will the Texans draft an offensive lineman? A corner? An edge to complement Greenard? A wideout who can get his feet wet behind Cooks before ascending? Or perhaps an intriguing unicorn at another position? Fans all the way to major decision makers are just as wishy-washy for how this first night could unfold and the promises to be a very intriguing watch.

This is your round one thread to sound off on your draft takes below.

WARNING: Do not tip off picks and that doing so will result in a temporary ban that will last until the end of the draft. This is your only warning.