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2022 NFL Draft: The Texans Select Thomas Booker, DE, Stanford

Big brains for a big man! Texans make Booker newest draft selection.

Washington v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

Nick Caserio apparently doesn’t believe in standing pat very much. The Texans and Bears traded picks so the Texans could jump to the 150th pick overall (fifth round, pick 7) and select Stanford DT Thomas Booker.

Here’s the breakdown of the trade:

Texans receive: 150th pick

Bears receive: 166th pick, 207th pick

Here’s what had to say about Booker, who was yet another selection that the Texans met with using one of their Top-30 visits prior to the draft:

Defensive tackle with pretty good flashes but a lack of consistency that can be frustrating to watch. Booker has a thick frame and pretty good upper-body power but is unable to plant a post leg and hold his ground against edge pressure or double teams. He’s strong enough to punch and separate but arm length might be the culprit in his inability to rid himself of blocks on a consistent basis. He’s a decent athlete with some rush potential and could be a rotational player for a team employing multiple fronts.

Booker’s name might be most appropriate, as his smarts are one of his most alluring attributes. He was a two-time Academic All-American at Stanford. Long time Texans fan Brett Kollmann posted this video of an interview with Booker where the talented DT showed off his brains:

Booker is also very athletic, running a sub-5 40-yard dash at the combine and scoring a 9.88 on his RAS evaluation.

Booker is the first defensive lineman taken by the Texans in the 2022 draft, and projects inside at the 3-technique or shading the center at the 1-technique.

To me, this is a great selection by Houston. Booker is a big-brained football player but has the athleticism to accompany his smarts. He’s the type of player who will be a great voice for interviews and will provide leadership in the locker room. Welcome to the Texans, Thomas Booker!