Caserio shows wealth of knowledge in his second draft, Lovie and Pep get their guys!

To say that we as a Fan Base have lacked the ability to go back to back days with what could be something we could call good, is not a stretch. As this plan was launched in place, as a fan base, we locked in on Easterby and the fiasco that turned out to be the Bill O'Brien era. As the rumors started to swell about alignment in the organization, and Rick Smith walking away, the things that followed in Dhop's exit, the rumors surrounding Easterby, eventually the Watson Waylay, driven all the way to the station of the McCown Train, it all totally masked the fact of Caserio sitting behind and elbow to elbow with one of the best to do it, in Bill Belichick. Where none of his coaches have been able to hold his jock strap as it relates to coaching, the one thing that I know as a dad and amateur of Madden Football, it is much easier to coach a team when the players are all good. Caserio, in my humble opinion, has shown considerable patience and skill in building this team in a way that we have been wanting to see for years.

I can't help but thank David Culley, who I honestly think would still be the coach, had he not locked in on Tim Kelly as OC. Pep Hamilton took over that Titans game in the second half, and Davis Mills and the offense were Completely Different in the second half. Check out Davis Mills last 2 passes. As Caserio went on about the infectious behavior of all the guys he drafted, that hunger, and will to win, you just feel a bit different than years past. The one thing that inspired me the most about @JJWATT was how much he hated losing. It was like it irritated his skin. Those are the guys we want, not tankers for draft picks. Caserio, again in my humble opinion, picked the best QB in this years draft last year with picking Davis Mills. Come out early, you're going to get to work with Pep. We will let Tyrod do his thing until you're ready. Then next year you and Pep will run the show. I also still don't renege on my belief that, after being denied the ability to go to the Texans via the Patriots lawsuit, that Caserio wasn't proxy to Easterby's bold moves that seemed to have made no sense.

Overall, the alignment seems to finally be in tact. The organization did not make a bad pick for GM. In fact, The ad hoc committee may have turned out to be a hoax or even a jet eye mind trick, that has landed someone that has put together a solid coaching staff, a pretty good recruiting squad, and some draft picks that made for a good weekend. As a Houston Texans Fan, you can't help right now but be EXCITED AS HELL for Rookie Mini Camp, OTA's, and the rest of the year. We've got some Pit Bulls in this House!

And as always,

GO Texans