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Introducing The New XFL

Latest news from the league where Houston is still the champion.

Seattle Dragons v Houston Roughnecks Photo by Thomas Campbell/XFL via Getty Images

New XFL chairwoman Dany Garcia sent out an announcement and new promotional video for the league’s return next year. It’s too bad they aren’t coming back sooner, as this town could certainly use something to cheer for right about now. A world champion Houston Roughnecks club would bring that for sure.

Dany Garcia:

XFL Fans,

Actualizing dreams has always been my business.

As XFL Chairwoman, dream-fulfillment is my promise.

My partners Dwayne Johnson, Gerry Cardinale and I are building a league that will define the future of professional sports - through innovation, inclusivity, and a forward facing vision.

This new XFL is creating a path to realize the dreams that football makes possible. We are giving players new chances at going pro, and the opportunity to build their own brands and a future beyond the game. We are giving partners new platforms to build on. And to you, the fans - more cities to rally behind and even more ways to revel in your fandom.

The XFL is a league of culture, passion, and purpose. It is a league for all.

I invite you to be a part of this dream. We start today.

The announcement was also accompanied by a spiffy new league logo:

New XFL logo

Plus a video that’s more hype than deep dive, but it’s better than the proverbial poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

For those who don’t know or don’t remember, the modern XFL launched right after the beginning of the global pandemic, which dramatically hindered the league’s ability to succeed. Despite that, our hometown heroes, the Houston Roughnecks, went undefeated prior to the league closing its doors.

Best of all, along the way to achieving their undefeated, debut season, the Roughnecks took the Dallas Renegades out back and showed them who really rules Texas.

And they did it in the Renegades’ house:

A new dawn is coming for the XFL once again. After two failed experiments, the second of which was no fault of their own, the league is hoping the third time is a charm. By 2023, we will have another football league to watch when the NFL season is over.