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Poll: Far Too Early 2022 Season Results

How high are your hopes for the New Texans Order?

NFL: Houston Texans-Head Coach Lovie Smith Introductory Press Conference Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Your Houston Texans open up the 2022 season hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. Right when Justin Reid thought he’d escaped...

Later today the full schedule release - news that the NFL has managed to turn into another event - drops. The opponents, however, are already set with H-Town having the 19th best strength of schedule.

Houston Texans 2022 Home Opponents

In 2022, NRG will host the following teams: Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Whatevers Commanders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans

Houston Texans 2022 Away Opponents

Lovie Smith will take his show on the road to face the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Jaguars, Colts, Titans

With plenty of fresh faces, better talent and no more David Culley nonsense, the future of the Texans surely looks brighter than the recent past. Right?

One of the best drafts the team has had in a long time, if not ever, (yes, too early to tell and doubtful this draft class produces another J.J. Watt...but we can hope, right?). Coupled with more sensible free agent acquisitions than the team has produced in years and there’s certainly reason to believe again.

However, there’s also the C.J. Stroud sweepstakes to consider. With all the negative spotlight on team’s purposefully tanking these days, thanks to the Dolphins and Browns, failure to perform might fall under a bigger microscope... might... maybe. However, with a team as bad as the Texans have been for the last five years, Jack Easterby’s continued involvement, and all. the. things, going 1-16 probably wouldn’t raise any alarm bells.

And, that brings us to today’s poll:

Prematurely Predict the Houston Texans Win-Loss Record for 2022


How many games will the Texans win in 2022

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