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Texans 2022-23 Schedule Tracker

Which game(s) are you going to?

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
This could be you if you had more money than sense.
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Today is probably the last noteworthy day on the football calendar before training camp starts in July. It’s Schedule Release Day, another attempt by Roger Goodell to make a historically insignificant part of the calendar into a prime time blockbuster extravaganza!

And who doesn’t love an extravaganza?

Because it’s Schedule Day, that means for absolute certain we will probably see the Texans’ full schedule creep out over the course of the day to the point where the actual schedule release becomes old news.

So since we’re going to hear about the schedule in drips and drabs, if you see any schedule notes, rumors, confirmations, etc., mention them in the comments and one of our helpful writers will add it to the tracker just as soon as any of us can get time during our work days to update it.

Good luck and happy news hunting, y’all!

Week 1 vs. Indianapolis Colts

Week 2 @ Denver Broncos

Week 10 @ New York Giants