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Official Houston Texans 2022-23 Schedule

The schedule is finally out, time to see who the Texans will face and when.

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

It’s time, it’s time, the schedule has arrived. Why is this so important? Is it because we think the Texans are good and they’ll tear through this schedule like a knife through wet paper? Not even a little bit. For many Texans fans, myself included, the schedule helps provide some much needed clarity on what will affect our travel plans.

For instance, this year, the Texans will be playing in a lot of prime tourist destination cities. For the Texan fan on the go, or those who live closer to out-of-town fans, these might prove to be the only games worth going to; games like at New York for the Giants, at Las Vegas for the Raiders, at Miami to see the Dolphins, or at Chicago to watch the Bears.

::sees Dallas, Denver, Indy, Jacksonville, and that town out east on the schedule::

Yep, only four major tourist cities worth getting on a plane to see the Texans at.

But I’ve stalled enough as it is. Let’s see how the schedule gods have blessed cursed us this year.

Just so you don’t have to look closer, here is the Texans schedule this year:

Preseason Game 1 - vs. New Orleans
Preseason Game 2 - at LA Rams
Preseason Game 3 - vs. San Francisco

Regular Season (ALL TIMES CT)

Week 1 - September 11, at noon vs. Indy
Week 2 - September 18, at 3:25 p.m. at Denver
Week 3 - September 25, at noon at Chicago
Week 4 - October 2, at noon, vs. LA Chargers
Week 5 - October 9, at noon, at Jacksonville
Week 6 - October 16, BYE WEEK
Week 7 - October 23, at 3:05 p.m., at Las Vegas
Week 8 - October 30, at 3:05 p.m. vs. that team out east or whatever
Week 9 - Thursday November 3, at 7:15 p.m. (Prime Video), vs. Philadelphia (our only primetime game)
Week 10 - November 13, at noon, at New York Giants
Week 11 - November 20, at noon, vs. Washington
Week 12 - November 27, at noon, at Miami
Week 13 - December 4, at noon, at Cleveland (Deshaun Watson revenge game)
Week 14 - December 11, at noon, at Dallas (not that we care because this is not a rivalry, just ask anyone from South Oklahoma about it)
Week 15 - December 18, at noon, vs. Kansas City
Week 16 - Saturday December 24, at noon, at that team out east or whatever
Week 17 - January 1, 2023, at noon, vs. Jacksonville
Week 18 - January 7 or 8, 2023, time TBD, at Indy

You can check out the Texans’ odds for this season courtesy of our partners at DraftKings Sportsbook.

So there you have it, Texans faithful. Which games are you looking forward to? Which ones are you perhaps thinking of going to? How many wins do you see on the schedule. Let us know in the comments section!