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Texans Have Almost Signed Their Entire 2022 Draft Class

Only one player remains unsigned.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The trouble with comparing the past to the present is that you’re never one hundred percent sure if you’re remembering the past correctly. For example, I’ve spent the last 15 minutes or so trying to remember how long it took Bill O’Brien to sign his draft classes; at least, in those years where he bothered to keep draft picks.

Thing is I don’t remember. The reason I’m trying to remember is that we are a little over two weeks after the end of the draft and the Houston Texans have signed almost all of their draft picks. That seems really fast by Texans standards.

Jalen Pitre got things started when he agreed to terms with the team on May 11. The following day, Dameon Pierce, Thomas Booker, Austin Deculus, and Teagan Quitoriano signed their rookie deals. Derek Stingley signed his deal on the 13th, and now on the 15th, John Metchie and Kenyon Green have signed. That’s eight players in five days, leaving only Christian Harris unsigned at the moment. Though I suspect that his contract will be set soon. Doesn’t that seem fast? Not that that’s a bad thing by any stretch, I’m just not used to the Texans acting this quickly with their draftees.

Or maybe I’m just remembering BOB as being particularly slow because I refuse to give him credit for anything after what he left us with.

At any rate, the Texans have almost all their draftees signed. Just waiting for you Harris.